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News (2/20/11)

Hello viewers and streamers. I am Gecko and here is another update to the Vidya United blog. The past two or so weeks have been eventful. Last week we had streams of Rift and of course more League matches. We also played plenty of Killing Floor. Among the several of other games that were streamed were Dead Space 2, Magicka, Envirobear, QWOP (and other quick stupid flash games), Company of Heroes online, Ninja Gaiden, Minecraft, Harvest Moon, Castlevania, Stalker, Mario, and plenty of others that I've failed to keep track of. I streamed Warcraft 1, Starcraft 2, a lot of Killing Floor, and recently started my first run of Majora's Mask. Not all of the footage was saved on livestream however, and I'll probably upload it somewhere else because I can.

After I stream Majora's Mask, I'll be moving on to Ocarina of Time and Oblivion (all of which I have never played).

I personally am going to create a list of games in steam and in box so people know what I have and can stream, and if other streamers are going to do the same I don't know. Also, we're trying to set up at least some sort of schedule to clarify when the usual times of streaming are, so we can bring in more regulars.

We all take game suggestions. If you have a game that you want us to stream, by all means suggest it and we will most likely play it. We also do song suggestions if the streamer isn't me and doesn't have autism.


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